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Hahnemühle LifeScience Katalog Industrie & Labor by Hahnemühle

Wide variety of Filter Papers for all Laboratory and Industrial Applications

Filtration Solutions in the Life Sciences, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sectors

The LifeScience Catalogue presents a large selection of filter papers, extraction thimbles, blotting papers & special filtration products...

analytica blotting papers chromatography +24
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Whatman™ QM-C by Cytiva

Whatman QM-C quartz filter paper

High purity and high temperature resistance quartz filter paper for air particulate testing

Each batch comes with CoA and trace metal report including 27 metals ✓ Temperature resistance up to 1200°C ✓ Made of 100% high quality silica and from LEAN certified product lines ✓...

air monitoring air particulate testing filter papers +5
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Whatman™ folded filter papers by Cytiva

Whatman folded filter papers

Convenient folded formats speed up your sample preparation

Convenient stacking and packing options are available ✓ Quadrant: space saving; pyramid/cone: ready to go into the funnel; pleated: reduced filtration time ✓ Fast. Easy. Efficient ✓...

automation automations filter papers +8
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