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speedwave XTRACT by Berghof

Microwave sample preparation: Fast and safe

speedwave XTRACT: High efficiency and low operating costs for environmental and food analyses

Lowest operating costs - unsurpassed service life and warranty also on the vessels ✓ Simple, intuitive operation - No sensor connection, simply open, close and clean vessels ✓ SafePrep - maximum safety Both for microwave digestion and extraction ✓...

analytica environmental analysis environmental analytics +13
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MX-scales, MR-scales, MA-scales, LA-scales by Mettler-Toledo

New generation of laboratory balances for a wide range of applications

Excellent performance, durable instruments and simple operation

Intelligent, integrated functions and intuitive operation make your daily work easier ✓ Accurate, reliable results you can trust and improved GxP compliance ✓ High-quality and sustainable materials guarantee long-lasting performance ✓...

analytica analytical balances laboratory balances +7
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SNRG Block by AnalytiChem

Precision and flexibility in sample digestion

Optimised temperature control and flexible adjustment for up to 96 samples

Configurable Throughput ✓ Flexible Controls ✓ Enhanced Temperature Control ✓...

analytica digestion digestion systems +8
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Excellence Titrator mit Probenwechsler und Ofen by Mettler-Toledo

Determine water content from 0 to 100% - easier than ever!

Suitable for your requirements

Titrate up to 303 samples per analysis in continuous operation mode ✓ Improved efficiency thanks to powerful automation and one-click titration ✓ Thanks to the modular design concept, it can be optimally adapted to your new requirements ✓...

acid concentration determination battery analysis content determination +13
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HYDROTHERM by C. Gerhardt

Efficiency in food analysis: Safe and precise total fat determination made easy

Fully automatic acid hydrolysis in 90 minutes - validated for continuous operation

80% less work for laboratory staff ✓ Closed system - maximum safety and no space required in the fume hood ✓ Work according to the reference method - Validated and reproducible...

acid hydrolysis acid hydrolysis systems fat analysis +11
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Piccolo Peltierkühler by Huber Kältemaschinenbau

Compact laboratory chiller with Peltier technology

New eco-friendly laboratory chiller with modern peltier technology

Modern Peltier technology, i.e. refrigerant-free and therefore absolutely environmentally friendly ✓ Versatile use in laboratory and analysis technology at working temperatures from 4 to 70 °C ✓ Extremely quiet in operation, minimal space requirement, USB connection and simple operation ✓...

ACHEMA chillers circulation thermostats +12
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