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Corrosion and wear behavior of alumina‐polyester nanocomposite coatings

The corrosion and wear behavior of powder coatings fabricated by the electrostatic method was investigated in this study. Pure polyester coating and fabricated nanocomposite powder coating with 10 and 20 mass.% alumina nanoparticles were coated with electrostatic spraying method on the surfaces of carbon steel substrate. Coatings were cured in two regimes by oven and microwave for the appropriate time. The effects of alumina nanoparticles on the corrosion resistance of coated samples were studied by immersion and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) tests. Also, pin‐on‐disk test was applied to evaluate the wear properties and coefficient of friction (COF) of the coatings. The results of the corrosion test reveal that the samples with 10 mass.% alumina show the best corrosion resistance and cause a reduction in corrosion rates which is about 36 times to that of the pure sample. The wear rate of nanocomposite coatings is 10 times lower than that of pure ones and also the coefficient of friction of nanocomposite samples is almost half of the pure samples. Furthermore, the nanocomposite coatings cured in the microwave show better protection properties and wear resistance than that of ones cured in an oven. POLYM. ENG. SCI., 2016. © 2016 Society of Plastics Engineers

Authors:   A. Golgoon, M. Aliofkhazraei, M. Toorani, M.H. Moradi, A. Sabour Rouhaghdam
Journal:   Polymer Engineering and Science
Year:   2016
Pages:   n/a
DOI:   10.1002/pen.24461
Publication date:   28-Sep-2016
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