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Application of Electrodeionization Process for Bioproduct Recovery and CO2 Capture and Storage

Abstract: Electrodeionization (EDI) process is a relatively new process applied in environmental engineering, which combines electrodialysis and conventional ion exchange. The EDI process has obvious advantages compared with the traditional deionization equipments based on the chemical regeneration. This review first time evaluated the importance of EDI process for bioproduct recovery (organic acid recovery, bio-methane concentration and bioelectricity production) and CO2 capture and storage. It highlighted not only the principal mechanisms but also the recent application development. Meanwhile, gaps which limited the large-scale field application of EDI process were also discussed in this paper.

Authors:   Zeng, Guangming; Ye, Jie; Yan, Ming
Journal:   Organic Chemistry
Facts, background information, dossiers
  • deionization
  • acid recovery
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