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Mercury Speciation and Distribution in an Egyptian Natural Gas Processing Plant

Unprocessed petroleum hydrocarbons often contain high concentrations of mercury (Hg), which can severely damage the metal components of a processing plant and pose a health risk to the workers and the natural environment. Although Hg removal units can significantly reduce the Hg concentration in the export products, they are often installed in the final stage of the processing plant, thus failing to protect the production facilities. In this study, Hg distribution within a natural gas processing plant was studied to identify the most effective place for a Hg removal unit. Additionally, the impact of sampling container materials and their acidification was evaluated, and Hg species in the condensate were quantified. Total Hg concentration was significantly higher in all samples stored in glass in comparison to that with plastic containers. However, the acidification effect of the containers was more pronounced for Hg in nonpolar solutions. Interestingly, the assessment of Hg distribution within the gas pla...

Authors:   Mohamed F. Ezzeldin; Zuzana Gajdosechova; Mohamed B. Masod; Tamer Zaki; Jörg Feldmann; Eva M. Krupp
Journal:   Energy & Fuels
Year:   2016
DOI:   10.1021/acs.energyfuels.6b02035
Publication date:   10-Nov-2016
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  • acidification
  • Total
  • samples
  • concentration
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