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How Much Will It Cost To Monitor Microbial Drinking Water Quality in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Microbial water quality monitoring is crucial for managing water resources and protecting public health. However, institutional testing activities in sub-Saharan Africa are currently limited. Because the economics of water quality testing are poorly understood, the extent to which cost may be a barrier to monitoring in different settings is unclear. This study used cost data from 18 African monitoring institutions (piped water suppliers and health surveillance agencies in six countries) and estimates of water supply type coverage from 15 countries to assess the annual financial requirements for microbial water testing at both national and regional levels, using World Health Organization recommendations for sampling frequency. We found that a microbial water quality test costs 21.0 ± 11.3 USD, on average, including consumables, equipment, labor, and logistics, which is higher than previously calculated. Our annual cost estimates for microbial monitoring of piped supplies and improved point sources ranged b...

Authors:   Caroline Delaire; Rachel Peletz; Emily Kumpel; Joyce Kisiangani; Robert Bain; Ranjiv Khush
Journal:   Environmental Science & Technology
Year:   2017
DOI:   10.1021/acs.est.6b06442
Publication date:   12-May-2017
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