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A novel colorimetric chemosensor for multiple target metal ions Fe2+, Co2+, and Cu2+ in a near-perfect aqueous solution: Experimental and theoretical studies

Publication date:

November 2017

Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 251

Author(s): Jae Min Jung, Seong Youl Lee, Cheal Kim

A selective and multifunctional chemosensor 1 for Fe2+, Co2+ and Cu2+ was designed and synthesized. 1 could simultaneously detect Fe2+, Co2+ and Cu2+ by changing its color from colorless to pink (Fe2+) and to yellow (Co2+ and Cu2+), respectively, in a near-perfect aqueous solution. The binding modes of 1 to Fe2+, Co2+ and Cu2+ were determined to be a 1:1, 2:1, and 1:1, respectively, through Job plot and ESI-mass spectrometry analysis. The detection limits (0.43μM, 0.11μM and 0.28μM) of 1 for Fe2+, Co2+ and Cu2+ were much lower than the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines (5.36μM for Fe2+ and 1.7μM for Co2+) and the WHO guideline (31.5μM for Cu2+) for the drinking water. Moreover, the chemosensor 1 could be used to quantify Fe2+, Co2+ and Cu2+ in water samples, and applied to test kits for detecting Fe2+, Co2+ and Cu2+. The sensing mechanisms of Co2+ and Cu2+ by 1 were supported by theoretical calculations.
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Authors:   Author(s): Jae Min Jung, Seong Youl Lee, Cheal Kim
Journal:   Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
Year:   2017
Publication date:   21-May-2017
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