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Soft, stretchable, high power density electronic skin-based biofuel cells for scavenging energy from human sweat

This article describes the fabrication, characterization, and real-life application of a soft, stretchable electronic-skin-based biofuel cell (E-BFC) that exhibits an open circuit voltage of 0.5 V and a power density of nearly 1.2 mWcm-2 at 0.2 V, representing the highest power density recorded by a wearable

Authors:   Amay Bandodkar; Jung-Min You; Nam-Heon Kim; Yue Gu; Rajan Kumar; Vinu Mohan A. M.; Jonas Felipe Kurniawan; Somayeh Imani; Tatsuo Nakagawa; Brianna Parish; Mukunth Parthasarathy; Patrick Mercier; Sheng Xu; Joseph Wang
Journal:   Energy & Environmental Science
DOI:   10.1039/C7EE00865A
Facts, background information, dossiers
  • biofuel cells
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