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New structures for the 3d‐5d‐4f heterotrimetallic complexes: Synthesis, structures and magnetic properties

Three new 3d‐5d‐4f heterotrimetallic complexes, [{Cu2(L)2Nd(H2O)}{W(CN)8}]n*2nH2O*nCH3CN(1), [{Cu2(L)2Sm(H2O)}{W(CN)8}]n*3nH2O(2) and [{Cu(L)Dy(H2O)5}{W(CN)8}]*2H2O(3) (L = N, N'‐ethylenebis(3‐methoxysalicylideneiminato) dianion) have been prepared and characterized both structurally and magnetically. The results indicate that complexes 1 and 2 show unique 1‐D chain structures while 3 displays 0‐D trinuclear cluster structure. Interestingly, the structures of these 3d‐5d‐4f heterotrimetallic complexes are ever‐changing and the coordination modes are mainly dependent on competitive relationship among various coordination bonds and/or hydrogen bonds. Magnetic measurements reveal the typical magnetic properties expected for the 3d‐5d‐4f spin systems in which complicated magnetic couplings and single ion magnetic anisotropy coexist together.

Authors:   Xiaoping Shen, Hongbo Zhou, Kang Wu, Rongyao Dong, Yashu Liu
Journal:   European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Year:   2017
Pages:   n/a
DOI:   10.1002/ejic.201700749
Publication date:   20-Jul-2017
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