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Solution combustion synthesis (SCS) ofchrome aluminaas a high temperature pink pigment


In this paper, one step synthesis of the chrome alumina pink pigments is investigated. Results indicated that adjusting ignition parameters such as the fuel type (glycine, citric acid and urea) and the oxidizer to fuel ratio,isthe essentialfactor to obtain the straight corundum structure of the pigment. According to this, chrome alumina pink pigment was just synthesized by the urea fuel in 1.8 oxidizer to fuel (O/F) ratio. The effect of ignition parameters on the morphology was also studied. The microstructure was changed from ultra‐fine irregular agglomerates to sponge‐like flakes by the change of the fuel type from citric acid to urea. Colorimetric characteristics confirmed the relationship between the formation of the corundum structure and one step synthesis of the pink pigment.The pink color of synthesized pigments was comparable with commercial purplish pink pigments of tiles.

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Authors:   Mahdi ShafieiChafi, Behrooz Ghasemi, Amir Masoud Arabi
Journal:   International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology
Year:   2017
Pages:   n/a
DOI:   10.1111/ijac.12770
Publication date:   04-Aug-2017
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