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Technological and sensory evaluation of pineapple ice creams incorporating curcumin‐loaded nanoemulsions obtained by the emulsion inversion point method

This study evaluated the feasibility of incorporating curcumin‐loaded nanoemulsions (CLNE) produced by the emulsion inversion point method in pineapple ice creams to replace artificial yellow dyes. For this purpose, ice creams with formulations: A (pineapple flavour commercial mix), B (partial replacement of commercial mix by CLNE), C (complete replacement of commercial mix by CLNE) and D (complete replacement of commercial mix by nonencapsulated curcumin) were characterized. Results showed that CLNE incorporation was a feasible alternative for reducing the use of artificial dyes, as the ice creams showed similar physicochemical and rheological properties, and formulations A and B had similar sensory acceptance.

Authors:   Thais R Borrin, Eduarda L Georges, Thais C Brito‐Oliveira, Izabel C F Moraes, Samantha C Pinho
Journal:   International Journal of Dairy Technology
Year:   2017
Pages:   n/a
DOI:   10.1111/1471-0307.12451
Publication date:   25-Aug-2017
Facts, background information, dossiers
  • rheological properties
  • Inversion
  • curcumin
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