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Topological Polymer Chemistry Designing Complex Macromolecular Graph Constructions

ConspectusThe precision design of topologically intriguing macromolecular architectures has continuously been an attractive challenge in polymer science and polymer materials engineering. A class of multicyclic polymer topologies, including three subclasses of spiro, bridged, and fused forms, are particularly unique not only from a topological geometry viewpoint but also from their biochemical relevance to programmed folding structures.In this Account, we describe recent progress in constructing this class of macromolecules, in particular by means of an electrostatic self-assembly and covalent fixation (ESA-CF) protocol, in which ion-paired polymer self-assemblies are employed as key intermediates. All three dicyclic constructions having either 8 (spiro), manacle (bridged), or θ (fused) forms, as well as a tricyclic trefoil (spiro) graph, have been constructed by the ESA-CF process. Moreover, a triply fused-tetracyclic macromolecular K3,3 graph has been constructed using a uniform-size dendritic polymer p...

Authors:   Yasuyuki Tezuka
Journal:   Accounts of Chemical Research
Year:   2017
DOI:   10.1021/acs.accounts.7b00338
Publication date:   22-Aug-2017
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