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pH-Dependent Singlet O2 Oxidation Kinetics of Guanine and 9-Methylguanine: An Online Mass Spectrometry and Spectroscopy Study Combined with Theoretical Exploration

We report a kinetic and mechanistic study on the title reactions, in which 1O2 was generated by the reaction of H2O2 with Cl2 and bubbled into an aqueous solution of guanine and 9-methylguanine (9MG) at different pH values. Oxidation kinetics and product branching ratios were measured using online electrospray ionization mass spectrometry coupled with absorption and emission spectrophotometry, and product structures were determined by collision-induced dissociation (CID) tandem mass spectrometry. Experiments revealed strong pH dependence of the reactions. The oxidation of guanine is noticeable only in basic solution, while the oxidation of 9MG is weak in acidic solution, increases in neutral solution, and becomes intensive in basic solution. 5-Guanidinohydantoin (Gh) and spiroiminodihydantoin (Sp) were detected as the major oxidation products of guanine and 9MG, and Sp became dominant in basic solution. A reaction intermediate was captured in mass spectra, and assigned to gem-diol on the basis of CID meas...

Authors:   Wenchao Lu; Yan Sun; Wenjing Zhou; Jianbo Liu
Journal:   Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Year:   2017
DOI:   10.1021/acs.jpcb.7b09515
Publication date:   19-Dec-2017
Facts, background information, dossiers
  • guanine
  • electrospray ionization
  • dependence
  • absorption
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