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Butyrate and docosahexaenoic acid interact in alterations of specific lipid classes in differentiating colon cancer cells


Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and sodium butyrate (NaBt) exhibit a number of interactive effects on colon cancer cell growth, differentiation or apoptosis; however, the molecular mechanisms responsible for these interactions and their impact on cellular lipidome are still not fully clear. Here, we show that both dietary agents together induce dynamic alterations of lipid metabolism, specific cellular lipid classes and fatty acid composition. In HT‐29 cell line, a model of differentiating colon carcinoma cells, NaBt supported incorporation of free DHA into non‐polar lipids and their accumulation in cytoplasmic lipid droplets. DHA itself was not incorporated into sphingolipids; however, it significantly altered representation of individual ceramide (Cer) classes, in particular in combination with NaBt (DHA/NaBt). We observed altered expression of enzymes involved in Cer metabolism in cells treated with NaBt or DHA/NaBt, and exogenous Cer 16:0 was found to promote induction of apoptosis in differentiating HT‐29 cells. NaBt, together with DHA, increased n‐3 fatty acid synthesis and attenuated metabolism of monounsaturated fatty acids. Finally, DHA and/or NaBt altered expression of proteins involved in synthesis of fatty acids, including elongase 5, stearoyl CoA desaturase 1 or fatty acid synthase, with NaBt increasing expression of caveolin‐1 and CD36 transporter, which may further promote DHA incorporation and its impact on cellular lipidome. In conclusion, our results indicate that interactions of DHA and NaBt exert complex changes in cellular lipidome, which may contribute to the alterations of colon cancer cell differentiation/apoptotic responses, which extends our knowledge about the nature of interactive effects of dietary fatty acids. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved

Authors:   Zuzana Tylichová, Josef Slavík, Miroslav Ciganek, Petra Ovesná, Pavel Krčmář, Nicol Straková, Miroslav Machala, Alois Kozubík, Jiřina Hofmanová, Jan Vondráček
Journal:   Journal of Cellular Biochemistry
Year:   2017
Pages:   n/a
DOI:   10.1002/jcb.26641
Publication date:   23-Dec-2017
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  • Expression
  • colon cancer
  • cells
  • interactions
  • enzymes
  • desaturase
  • copyright
  • carcinoma
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