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Regular Aligned 1D Single‐Crystalline Supramolecular Arrays for Photodetectors


Solution‐processed semiconductor single‐crystal patterns possess unique advantages of large scale and low cost, leading to potential applications toward high‐performance optoelectronic devices. To integrate organic semiconductor micro/nanostructures into devices, various patterning techniques have been developed. However, previous patterning techniques suffer from trade‐offs between precision, scalability, crystallinity, and orientation. Herein, a patterning method is reported based on an asymmetric‐wettability micropillar‐structured template. Large‐scale 1D single‐crystalline supramolecular arrays with strict alignment, pure crystallographic orientation, and precise position can be obtained. The wettability difference between tops and sidewalls of micropillars gives rise to the confinement of organic solutions in discrete capillary tubes followed by dewetting and formation of capillary trailing. The capillary trailing enables unidirectional dewetting, regulated mass transport, and confined crystal growth. Owing to the high crystallinity and pure crystallographic orientation with Pt atomic chains parallel to the substrate, the photodetectors based on the 1D arrays exhibit improved responsivity. The work not only provides fundamental understanding on the patterning and crystallization of supramolecular structures but also develops a large‐scale assembly technique for patterning single‐crystalline micro/nanostructures.

1D supramolecular single‐crystalline arrays are fabricated using an asymmetric‐wettability template. High‐quality structures with precise position, high crystallinity, and aligned crystallographic orientation are demonstrated. Those 1D structure arrays possess higher photodetection performance compared to spin‐coated polycrystalline thin films owing to the eliminated grain boundary and ordered crystallographic orientation.

Authors:   Yun Liu, Jiangang Feng, Bo Zhang, Yuchen Wu, Yong Chen, Lei Jiang
Journal:   Small
Year:   2017
Pages:   n/a
DOI:   10.1002/smll.201701861
Publication date:   18-Dec-2017
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