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High-Nuclearity Lanthanide–Titanium Oxo Clusters as Luminescent Molecular Thermometers with High Quantum Yields

Three heterometallic lanthanide–titanium oxo clusters (LnTOCs) formulated as Eu2Ti4(μ3-O)4(tbba)12(acac)2 (Eu2Ti4, 1, Hacac = acetylacetone), Eu5Ti4(μ3-O)6(tbba)20(Htbba)(THF)2 (Eu5Ti4, 2), and Eu8Ti10(μ3-O)14(Ac)2(tbba)34(H2O)4(THF)2(Htbba)2 (Eu8Ti10, 3) were prepared through the reactions of 4-tert-butylbenzoate (Htbba), rare-earth salts, and Ti(OiPr)4. The solution luminescence investigation discovered a size-dependent quantum yield phenomenon in solution. A solid-state luminescence study showed that these three LnTOCs display temperature-dependent photoluminescent properties. Interestingly, the Eu5Ti4 cluster exhibited the highest quantum yield of 94.9% in the solid state among the reported 3d–4f clusters.

Authors:   Dong-Fei Lu; Zi-Feng Hong; Jing Xie; Xiang-Jian Kong; La-Sheng Long; Lan-Sun Zheng
Journal:   Inorganic Chemistry
Year:   2017
DOI:   10.1021/acs.inorgchem.7b01522
Publication date:   28-Sep-2017
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