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A Freestanding Selenium Disulfide Cathode Based on Cobalt Disulfide‐Decorated Multichannel Carbon Fibers with Enhanced Lithium Storage Performance


SeS2 shows attractive advantages beyond bare S and Se as a cathode material for lithium storage. Here, a freestanding lotus root‐like carbon fiber network decorated with CoS2 nanoparticles (denoted as CoS2@LRC) has been designed and prepared as the SeS2 host for enhancing the lithium storage performance. The integrated electrode is constructed by three‐dimensional interconnected multichannel carbon fibers, which can not only accommodate high content of SeS2 (70 wt %), but also promise excellent electron and ion transport for achieving high capacity utilization of 1015 mAh g−1 at 0.2 A g−1. What is more, there are numerous CoS2 nanoparticles decorated all over the inner walls and surfaces of the carbon fibers, providing efficient sulfiphilic sites for restricting the dissolution of polysulfides and polyselenides during the electrochemical processes, thus successfully suppressing the shuttle effect and maintaining excellent cycling stability over 400 cycles at 0.5 A g−1.

Exzellenter Lithiumspeicher: Ein freistehendes, der Lotuswurzel ähnelndes, CoS2‐dekoriertes Kohlefasernetzwerk (CoS2@LRC) wurde als Wirt für SeS2 synthetisiert. Begünstigt durch die gut integrierten Eigenschaften des elektroaktiven SeS2, die funktionellen CoS2‐Nanopartikel und das leitfähige LRC‐Netzwerk zeigt die CoS2@LRC/SeS2‐Elektrode eine exzellente Lithiumspeicherleistung.

Authors:   Xiong-Wen (David) Lou; Jintao Zhang, Zhen Li, Xiong Wen (David) Lou
Journal:   Angewandte Chemie
Volume:   129
edition:   45
Year:   2017
Pages:   14295
DOI:   10.1002/ange.201708105
Publication date:   05-Oct-2017
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