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The significance of the amorphous potential energy landscape for dictating glassy dynamics and driving solid-state crystallisation

The fundamental origins surrounding the dynamics of disordered solids near their characteristic glass transitions continue to be fiercely debated, even though a vast number of materials can form amorphous solids, including small-molecule organic, inorganic, covalent, metallic, and even large biological systems. The

Authors:   Michael T. Ruggiero; Marcin Krynski; Eric Ofosu Kissi; Juraj Sibik; Daniel Markl; Nicholas Y. Tan; Denis Arslanov; Wim van der Zande; Britta Redlich; Timothy M. Korter; Holger Grohganz; Korbinian Löbmann; Thomas Rades; Stephen R. Elliott; J. Axel Zeitler
Journal:   Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
DOI:   10.1039/C7CP06664C
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  • solids
  • glass
  • Energy
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