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Zirconium arene triple-decker sandwich complexes: synthesis, electronic structure and bonding

Reduction of a permethylpentalene zirconium(iv) chloride complex [η8-Pn*Zr(μ-Cl)3/2]2(μ-Cl)2Li·THFx with KC8 in benzene results in activation of the aromatic solvent to yield an “inverted sandwich” complex, [η8-Pn*Zr]2(μ-η6:η6-C6H6) (1). The reactions in toluene, cumene, o-xylene and m-xylene also yield anal

Authors:   A. F. R. Kilpatrick; J. C. Green; Z. R. Turner; J.-C. Buffet; D. O’Hare
Journal:   Chemical Communication
Volume:   53
edition:   88
Pages:   12048
DOI:   10.1039/C7CC07083G
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