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Arresting dissolution by interfacial rheology design [Engineering]

A strategy to halt dissolution of particle-coated air bubbles in water based on interfacial rheology design is presented. Whereas previously a dense monolayer was believed to be required for such an “armored bubble” to resist dissolution, in fact engineering a 2D yield stress interface suffices to achieve such performance at...

Authors:   Peter J. Beltramo; Manish Gupta; Alexandra Alicke; Irma Liascukiene; Deniz Z. Gunes; Charles N. Baroud; Jan Vermant
Journal:   Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue
Volume:   114
edition:   39
Year:   2017
Pages:   10373
DOI:   10.1073/pnas.1705181114
Publication date:   26-Sep-2017
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