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Inhibiting Mercury Re-emission and Enhancing Magnesia Recovery by Cobalt-Loaded Carbon Nanotubes in a Novel Magnesia Desulfurization Process

Mercury re-emission, because of the reduction of Hg2+ to form Hg0 by sulfite, has become a great concern in the desulfurization process. Lowering the concentrations of Hg2+ and sulfite in the desulfurization slurry can retard the Hg0 formation and, thus, mitigate mercury re-emission. To that end, cobalt-based carbon nanotubes (Co-CNTs) were developed for the simultaneous Hg2+ removal and sulfite oxidation in this work. Furthermore, the thermodynamics and kinetics of the Hg2+ adsorption and effect of Hg2+ adsorption on catalytic activity of Co-CNTs were investigated. Experimental results revealed that the Co-CNTs not only accelerated sulfite oxidation to enable the recovery of desulfurization by-products but also acted as an effective adsorbent of Hg2+ removal. The Hg2+ adsorption rate mainly depended on the structure of the adsorption material regardless of the cobalt loading and morphological distribution. The catalytic activity of the Co-CNTs for sulfite oxidation was not significantly affected due to t...

Authors:   Lidong Wang; Tieyue Qi; Mengxuan Hu; Shihan Zhang; Peiyao Xu; Dan Qi; Siyu Wu; Huining Xiao
Journal:   Environmental Science & Technology
Year:   2017
DOI:   10.1021/acs.est.7b03364
Publication date:   25-Sep-2017
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