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First‐Principles Characterization of Equilibrium Vacancy Concentration in Metamagnetic Shape Memory Alloys: An Example of Ni2MnGa

Despite the fact that there is evidence for the important role that vacancies play in the martensitic transformation (MT) behavior of metamagnetic shape memory alloys (MMSMAs), little theoretical – and even experimental – work on the thermodynamics and kinetics of point defects in these systems has been carried out. Since the MT behavior of MMSMAs has a great influence on their magneto‐caloric response, investigating the vacancy evolution in MMSMAs has potentially a significant technological impact. Scarcity of studies may be due to the limited characterization capability available for studying vacancy properties as well as their impacts on the materials performance. The current work seeks to introduce the application of the grand‐canonical dilute‐solution model to the investigation of equilibrium (thermal) populations of point defects in Ni2MnGa, used as a prototypical MMSMA. The thermodynamic model is coupled to first‐principles calculations of the energetics of defect‐containing supercell structures. Such characterization capability allows for more realistic investigations of MMSMAs with the vacancy degree of freedom taken into account and subsequently opens up many interesting research topics. Here we demonstrate the capability of the first principles based characterization method by investigating the role of vacancy concentration in the kinetics of order–disorder (ODO) process and the MT temperature of Ni2MnGa.

This work introduces the application of the grand‐canonical dilute solution model to the investigation of equilibrium (thermal) populations of point defects in metamagnetic shape memory alloys. It is demonstrated (see figure) that the coupling of this model with suitable kinetic models can yield good insights about how the materials would behave under different heat treatment conditions with the presence of vacancies.

Authors:   Yuhao Wang, Daniel Salas, Bharat Medasani, Peter Entel, Ibrahim Karaman, Raymundo Arróyave, Thien C. Duong
Journal:   physica status solidi (b)
Year:   2018
Pages:   n/a
DOI:   10.1002/pssb.201700523
Publication date:   19-Jan-2018
Facts, background information, dossiers
  • concentration
  • thermodynamics
  • temperature
  • solution
  • shape memory alloys
  • Research
  • kinetics
  • heat treatment
  • evolution
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