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Pd‐tBuONO Cocatalyzed Aerobic Indole Synthesis

A Pd‐tBuONO co‐catalyzed scalable and practical synthesis of indoles with molecular oxygen as terminal oxidant is developed. Either terminal or internal 2‐vinylanilines could be smoothly converted to desired indoles under one general condition. This method has been evaluated in the large scale synthesis of indomethacin and a potential anti‐breast cancer drug candidate 1.

Authors:   Xiao-Shan Ning, Xin Liang, Kang-Fei Hu, Chuan-Zhi Yao, Jian-Ping Qu, Yan-Biao Kang
Journal:   Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis
Year:   2018
Pages:   n/a
DOI:   10.1002/adsc.201701512
Publication date:   17-Jan-2018
Facts, background information, dossiers
  • indole
  • cancer
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