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Perpendicular Orientation of Diblock Copolymers Induced by Confinement between Graphene Oxide Sheets

We have studied an orientation structure of self-assembled block copolymers (dPS-b-PMMA) of deuterated polystyrene (dPS) and poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) confined between graphene oxide (GO) surfaces. The results of combination techniques, such as neutron reflectivity, time-of-flight secondary-ion mass spectrometry, grazing-incidence small-angle X-ray scattering, and scanning electron microscopy, show that self-assembled domains of the block copolymers in thin films near the GO sheets are oriented perpendicular to the surface of the GO monolayers, in contrast to the horizontal lamellar structure of the copolymer thin film in the absence of the GO monolayers. This is due to the amphiphilic nature of the GO, which leads to a nonpreferential interaction of both dPS and PMMA blocks. Double-sided confinement with the GO monolayers further extends the ordering behavior of the dPS-b-PMMA thin films. Continuous vertical orientation of the block copolymer thin films is also obtained in the presence of alternat...

Authors:   Ki-In Choi; Tae-Ho Kim; Yeonhee Lee; Hyeri Kim; Hoyeon Lee; Guangcui Yuan; Sushil K. Satija; Jae-Hak Choi; Hyungju Ahn; Jaseung Koo
Journal:   Langmuir
Year:   2018
DOI:   10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b03991
Publication date:   17-Jan-2018
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  • block copolymers
  • scattering
  • scanning electron m…
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