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Inspiring process innovation via an improved green manufacturing metric: iGAL

Following our goal to devise a unified green chemistry metric that inspires innovation in sustainable drug manufacturing across the pharmaceutical industry, we herein disclose joint efforts by IQ, the ACS GCI PR and academia, leading to the significantly improved ‘innovation Green Aspiration Level’ (iGAL) me

Authors:   Frank Roschangar; Yanyan Zhou; David J. C. Constable; Juan Colberg; David P. Dickson; Peter J. Dunn; Martin D. Eastgate; Fabrice Gallou; John D. Hayler; Stefan G. Koenig; Michael E. Kopach; David K. Leahy; Ingrid Mergelsberg; Ulrich Scholz; Austin G. Smith; Manuel Henry; Jason Mulder; Jörg Brandenburg; Juan R. Dehli; Daniel R. Fandrick; Keith R. Fandrick; Frieder Gnad-Badouin; Georg Zerban; Klaus Groll; Paul T. Anastas; Roger A. Sheldon; Chris H. Senanayake
Journal:   Green Chemistry
Volume:   20
edition:   10
Pages:   2206
DOI:   10.1039/C8GC00616D
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