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Fullerene size controls the selective complexation of [11]CPP with pristine and endohedral fullerenes

The ability of the carbon nanoring [11]cycloparaphenylene ([11]CPP) for coordinating fullerenes has been tested using a series of hosts, including the pristine fullerenes C60, C70, C76 and C78, the clusterfullerene Sc3N@C80, monometallic endofullerenes Y@C82 and Tm@C82, and dimetallic endofullerenes Y2@C82 a

Authors:   I. González-Veloso; E. M. Cabaleiro-Lago; J. Rodríguez-Otero
Journal:   Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Volume:   20
edition:   16
Pages:   11347
DOI:   10.1039/C8CP00503F
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