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Synthesis and characterization of cyano and isocyano complexes of bis(dithiolato) molybdenum using Me3SiCN: a route to a cyanide-bridged multimer to a monomer

Cyanide- and isocyanide-bound molybdenum complexes containing maleonitriledithiolate (mnt = 1,2-dicyanoethylenedithiolate = S2C2(CN)2) as coligands were prepared from the synthon [Et4N]2[MoIVO(mnt)2] (1) as [Et4N][(PPh3)(mnt)23−˙MoIII(μ-CN)MoIII(PPh3)(mnt)23−˙] (3), [Et4N][MoIII(PPh3)(CN)(mnt)23−˙]·CH2Cl2 (4

Authors:   Moumita Bose; Golam Moula; Ameerunisha Begum; Sabyasachi Sarkar
Journal:   New Journal of Chemistry
Volume:   42
edition:   7
Pages:   5580
DOI:   10.1039/C8NJ00246K
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