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Macrocyclic trinuclear gadolinium(III) complexes: the influence of the linker flexibility on the relaxometric properties

Multimeric systems assembled by linking GdIII complexes to a central scaffold can be Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) contrast agents of improved efficiency at high magnetic fields. Two novel mononuclear GdDO3A-derivatives (DO3A = 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane-N,N′,N′′-triacetic acid) featuring a flexible ( Equilibrium Solution Coordination Chemistry

Authors:   F. Kielar; C. Cassino; L. Leone; L. Tei; M. Botta
Journal:   New Journal of Chemistry
Volume:   42
edition:   10
Pages:   7984
DOI:   10.1039/C7NJ04696K
Facts, background information, dossiers
  • magnetic fields
  • gadolinium
  • contrast agents
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