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Energies, Vol. 11, Pages 1160: Local Energy Management and Optimization: A Novel Energy Universal Service Bus System Based on Energy Internet Technologies

Energies, Vol. 11, Pages 1160: Local Energy Management and Optimization: A Novel Energy Universal Service Bus System Based on Energy Internet Technologies

Energies doi: 10.3390/en11051160

Authors: Lefeng Cheng Zhiyi Zhang Haorong Jiang Tao Yu Wenrui Wang Weifeng Xu Jinxiu Hua

This paper develops a novel energy universal service bus system (EUSBS) based on emerging energy Internet (E-net) technologies. This EUSBS is a unified identification and plug-and-play interface platform to which high penetration distributed energy and equipment (DEE), including photovoltaic (PV), fans, electric vehicle charging stations (EVCSs), energy storage equipment (ESE), and commercial and residential users (CRUs), can access in a coordinated control and optimized utilization mode. First, the functions design, overall framework and topology architecture design of the EUSBS are expounded, among which the EUSBS is mainly composed of a hardware system and a software platform. Moreover, several future application scenarios are presented. Then, the hardware part of EUSBS is designed and developed, including the framework design of this hardware subsystem, and development of the hardware equipment for PV access, fans access, EVCS access, ESE access, and CRU access. The hardware subsystem consists of smart socket, and household/floor/building concentrators. Based on this, the prototypes development of EUSBS hardware equipment is completely demonstrated. Third, the software part of the EUSBS is developed as a cloud service platform for electricity use data analysis of DEE. This software subsystem contains the power quality & energy efficiency analysis module, optimization control module, information and service module, and data monitoring and electricity behavior analysis module. Based on this design, the software interfaces are developed. Finally, an application study on energy management and optimization of a smart commercial building is conducted to evaluate the functions and practicality of this EUSBS. The EUSBS developed in this paper is able to overcome difficulties in big data collection and utilization on sides of distribution network and electricity utilization, and eventually implement a deep information-energy fusion and a friendly supply-demand interaction between the grid and users. This contribution presents a detailed and systematic development scheme of the EUSBS, and moreover, the laboratory prototypes of the hardware and software subsystems have been developed based on E-net technologies. This paper can provide some thoughts and suggestions for the research of active distribution network and comprehensive energy management and optimization in power systems, as well as references and guidance for researchers to carry out research regarding energy management, optimization and coordinated control of the smart buildings.

Authors:   Cheng, Lefeng ; Zhang, Zhiyi ; Jiang, Haorong ; Yu, Tao ; Wang, Wenrui ; Xu, Weifeng ; Hua, Jinxiu
Journal:   Energies
Volume:   11
edition:   5
Year:   2018
Pages:   1160
DOI:   10.3390/en11051160
Publication date:   06-May-2018
Facts, background information, dossiers
  • paper
  • fans
  • electricity
  • big data
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