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Dispersion forces play a role in (Me2IPr)Fe([double bond, length as m-dash]NAd)R2 (Ad = adamantyl; R = neoPe, 1-nor) insertions and Fe-R bond dissociation enthalpies (BDEs)

The effects of dispersion on migratory insertion reactions and related iron–carbon bond dissociation energies pertaining to (Me2IPr)FeR2 (R = neoPe, 1-nor), and the conversion of (Me2IPr)Fe( [[double bond, length as m-dash]] NAd)R2 to (Me2IPr)Fe{N(Ad}R)R are investigated via calculations and structural comparis... Philip Power at 65: an icon of organometallic chemistry

Authors:   Thomas R. Cundari; Brian P. Jacobs; Samantha N. MacMillan; Peter T. Wolczanski
Journal:   Dalton Transactions
Volume:   47
edition:   17
Pages:   6025
DOI:   10.1039/C7DT04145D
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