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In situ synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction studies on molecular aggregation structure of nylon 12 films during bulge testing

It is desirable to establish a method for evaluating mechanical properties, such as modulus and strength, of micrometer and sub-micrometer thick polymer films. Bulge tests, where bulge deformation is imposed on films by the pressure of an inert gas, are suitable for satisfying this demand. However, very few

Authors:   Ken Kojio; Chigusa Nagano; Aya Fujimoto; Shuhei Nozaki; Kazutoshi Yokomachi; Kazutaka Kamitani; Hirohmi Watanabe; Atsushi Takahara
Journal:   Soft Matter
Volume:   14
edition:   9
Pages:   1659
DOI:   10.1039/C7SM01842H
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