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Materials, Vol. 11, Pages 856: A Polymer Plugging Gel for the Fractured Strata and Its Application

Materials, Vol. 11, Pages 856: A Polymer Plugging Gel for the Fractured Strata and Its Application

Materials doi: 10.3390/ma11050856

Authors: Xiangyu Fan Pengfei Zhao Qiangui Zhang Ting Zhang Kui Zhu Chenghua Zhou

Well leakage of fractured strata is a tricky problem while drilling. This unwieldy problem is usually caused by the poor formation of the cementing degree, the staggered-mesh of the fracture, and the low bearing capacity of the formation, which can also lead to a narrow and even unsafe window of drilling fluid density. For fractured strata, the normal plugging material has the disadvantages of unsuitable size and low strength, resulting in unsuccessful first time plugging and an increase in cost. Therefore, we developed a polymer plugging gel for the fractured strata, named XNGJ-3. XNGJ-3 is mainly made of an acrylamide monomer and is accompanied by the reactive monomers of carboxyl and hydroxyl as ingredients. XNGJ-3 has a low viscosity before gelling. At 80 °C it becomes gelled, and the gelling time was controlled within the required time of the practical application. These conditions are beneficial for making the plugging material enter the crossing fracture smoothly and occlude the fracture. XNGJ-3 also has a good deformability and can avoid being damaged during the process of fracture closure. The well leakage simulated experiment revealed that the bearing capacity of this material can reach 21 MPa and the inverse bearing capacity can reach 20 MPa. These strengths are more than twice that of common polymer plugging gels. Finally, three leaked wells in the fractured strata of the Sichuan Basin were used to verify the plugging effect of XNGJ-3. Compared with other common plugging materials, XNGJ-3 has the advantages of having a higher success rate of first time plugging, a lower economic cost, a shorter work time, and so forth, which indicate that this plugging material has a good engineering application value in dealing with well leakage of fractured strata.

Authors:   Fan, Xiangyu ; Zhao, Pengfei ; Zhang, Qiangui ; Zhang, Ting ; Zhu, Kui ; Zhou, Chenghua
Journal:   Materials
Volume:   11
edition:   5
Year:   2018
Pages:   856
DOI:   10.3390/ma11050856
Publication date:   21-May-2018
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