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The heat capacities and critical behaviors of binary ionic solutions

The heat capacities of nine binary room temperature ionic solutions {[C4mim][BF4] + 1,2-butandiol}, {[C8mim][BF4] + 1-pentanol}, {[C8mim][BF4] + 2-pentanol}, {[C8mim][BF4] + 1-hexanol}, {[C8mim][BF4] + 1-heptanol}, {[C8mim][PF6] + 1-propanol}, {[C8mim][PF6] + 1-butanol}, {[C8mim][PF6] + 2-butanol} and {[C8mi 2018 PCCP HOT Articles

Authors:   Xue Wang; Chen Xu; Xiaoyi Tao; Tianxiang Yin; Zhiyun Chen; Weiguo Shen
Journal:   Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Volume:   20
edition:   14
Pages:   9130
DOI:   10.1039/C7CP08604K
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  • hexanol
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