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Fluorescent excimers and exciplexes of the purine base derivative 8-phenylethynyl-guanine in DNA hairpins

The ground- and excited-state electronic interactions between the nucleobase analog 8-(4′-phenylethynyl)deoxyguanosine, EG, with natural nucleobases and 7-deazaguanine, as well as between adjacent EG base analogs, have been characterized using a combination of steady-state spectroscopy and time-resolved fluo Photoinduced Processes in Nucleic Acids and Proteins

Authors:   Kristen E. Brown; Arunoday P. N. Singh; Yi-Lin Wu; Lin Ma; Ashutosh K. Mishra; Brian T. Phelan; Ryan M. Young; Frederick D. Lewis; Michael R. Wasielewski
Journal:   Faraday Discussions
Volume:   207
Pages:   217
DOI:   10.1039/C7FD00186J
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