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Boosting energy harvesting performance in (Ba, Ca)(Ti, Zr)O3 lead-free perovskite through artificial control of intermediate grain size

In this study, (Ba0.85Ca0.15)(Ti0.9Zr0.1)O3 (BCTZ) lead-free ceramics with enhanced energy density were prepared by two-step sintering. All ceramics fall into the rhombohedral-orthorhombic-tetragonal (R-O-T) phase boundary near room temperature, and a dense microstructure with intermediate grain size was fou

Authors:   Xiaodong Yan; Mupeng Zheng; Shengjun Sun; Mankang Zhu; Yudong Hou
Journal:   Dalton Transactions
DOI:   10.1039/C8DT01628C
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