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Transition-metal-free C-H amidation and chlorination: synthesis of N/N[prime or minute]-mono-substituted imidazopyridin-2-ones from N-pyridyl-N-hydroxylamine intermediates

Non-symmetric 1,3-substituted imidazopyridin-2-ones are a common structural scaffold found among many biologically active molecules. Herein we report an efficient, mild, and transition-metal free C–H amidation strategy to access such a pyrido-fused cyclic urea framework in good yields and with a broad functional gr 2018 Emerging Investigators

Authors:   Katarzyna N. Lee; Dominique N. Spiegowski; Johnny W. Lee; Sanghyun Lim; Fuhua Zhao; Ming-Yu Ngai
Journal:   Chemical Communication
DOI:   10.1039/C8CC02425A
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