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Single-molecule magnet properties of a monometallic dysprosium pentalene complex

The pentalene-ligated dysprosium complex [(η8-Pn†)Dy(Cp*)] (1Dy) (Pn† = [1,4-(iPr3Si)2C8H4]2–) and its magnetically dilute analogue are single-molecule magnets, with energy barriers of 245 cm–1. Whilst the [Cp*]– ligand in 1Dy provides a strong axial crystal field, the overall axiality of this system is atte

Authors:   Richard Layfield; Frederick Geoffrey Cloke; Alexander Florian Ross Kilpatrick; Benjamin M. Day; Fu-Sheng Guo; Akseli Mansikkamäki
Journal:   Chemical Communication
DOI:   10.1039/C8CC03516D
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