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Molbank, Vol. 2018, Article M996: (E)-3-[4-(Pent-4-en-1-yloxy)phenyl]acrylicc Acid

Molbank, Vol. 2018, Article M996: (E)-3-[4-(Pent-4-en-1-yloxy)phenyl]acrylicc Acid

Molbank doi: 10.3390/M996

Authors: Hiromichi Egami Taira Sawairi Souma Tamaoki Noriyuki Ohneda Tadashi Okamoto Hiromichi Odajima Yoshitaka Hamashima

(E)-3-[4-(Pent-4-en-1-yloxy)phenyl]acetic acid is one of the useful components of liquid crystal materials which can be produced through Williamson ether synthesis by synthesizing 4-hydroxy-cinnamic acid and 5-bromo-1-pentene. Although Williamson ether synthesis is generally slow under conventional external heating conditions, microwave irradiation was effective for significant acceleration of the etherification. Furthermore, we demonstrated the rapid and continuous synthesis of (E)-3-[4-(pent-4-en-1-yloxy)phenyl]acetic acid, using a microwave-assisted flow reactor developed by us, in which the blockage by salt precipitation was suppressed by the continuous addition of an aqueous methanol solution after the reaction cavity.

Authors:   Egami, Hiromichi ; Sawairi, Taira ; Tamaoki, Souma ; Ohneda, Noriyuki ; Okamoto, Tadashi ; Odajima, Hiromichi ; Hamashima, Yoshitaka
Journal:   Molbank
Volume:   2018
edition:   2
Year:   2018
Pages:   M996
DOI:   10.3390/M996
Publication date:   12-May-2018
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