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A tetranuclear fluorido-bridged iron compound: Fluoride abstraction from the tetrafluoridoborate anion

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Available online 4 June 2018

Source:Inorganic Chemistry Communications

Author(s): Feng Jiang, Maxime A. Siegler, Elisabeth Bouwman

The novel iron(II) fluoride cluster [FeII 4(L1SSL1)2F6(MeCN)2](BF4)2 (L1SSL1 = di‑2‑(bis(2‑pyridylmethyl)amino)ethyl disulfide) has been synthesized by reaction of the ligand L1SSL1 with [Fe(MeCN)6](BF4)2. The crystal structure shows that a tetranuclear iron(II) compound is formed through the bridging of two dinuclear iron(II) units by four fluoride anions. The 19F NMR spectrum distinguishes both the terminal and bridging fluoride ions in this compound. The new compound is a rare FeII fluoride cluster with four FeII and four F ions arranged in a nearly perfect square plane, which obtained its fluoride ions from the tetrafluoridoborate anion.
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Authors:   Author(s): Feng Jiang, Maxime A. Siegler, Elisabeth Bouwman
Journal:   Inorganic Chemistry Communications
Year:   2018
Publication date:   10-Jun-2018
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