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The re-emergence of sodium ion batteries: testing, processing, and manufacturability

With the re-emergence of sodium ion batteries (NIBs), we discuss the reasons for the recent interests in this technology and discuss the synergies between lithium ion battery (LIB) and NIB technologies and the potential for NIB as a “drop-in” technology for LIB manufacturing. The electrochemical testing of sodium materials in sodium metal anode arrangements is reviewed. The performance, stability, and polarization of the sodium in these test cells lead to alternative testing in three-electrode and alternative anode cell configurations. NIB manufacturability is also discussed, together with the impact that the material stability has upon the electrodes and coating. Finally, full-cell NIB technologies are reviewed, and literature proof-of-concept cells give an idea of some of the key differences in the testing protocols of these batteries. For more commercially relevant formats, safety, passive voltage control through cell balancing and cell formation aspects are discussed.

Keywords: sodium ion battery, NIB, cell manufacturing, electrode processing, Na ion, cell testing, anode, cathode, full cells

Journal:   Nanotechnology, Science and Applications
Volume:   11
Year:   2018
Pages:   23
DOI:   10.2147/NSA.S146365
Publication date:   01-Jun-2018
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