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Metal-free benzannulation of yne-allenone esters for atom-economic synthesis of functionalized 1-naphthols

A new metal-free benzannulation reaction of yne-allenone esters with H2O by using HOAc as a Lewis acid promoter is reported, providing an atom-economic protocol toward aroyl 1-naphthols with good to excellent yields. Exchanging H2O for aromatic amines resulted in iminated Z-1-naphthols with high stereoselect

Authors:   Bo Jiang; Hong-Kai Sha; Feng Liu; Juan Lu; Zhang-Qin Liu; Wen-Juan Hao; Jia-Le Wu; Shu-Jiang Tu
Journal:   Green Chemistry
DOI:   10.1039/C8GC01034J
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  • aromatic amines
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