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Diverse cobalt (II) coordination polymers for water/ethanol separation and luminescence water sensing applications

Four cobalt coordination polymers, namely {[Co(3-pmpmd)Cl2]·2.6CH3OH}n (1), {[Co2(3-pmpmd)4(NCS)4]·2CH3OH·5CHCl3}n (2), {[Co(3-pmpmd)1.5(NO3)2]·0.8CH3OH}n (3) and {[Co(3-pmpmd)2(NCS)2]·CHCl3}n (4) (3-pmpmd = N,N′-bis(3-pyridylmethyl)pyromellitic diimide) have been synthesized and characterized. The different

Authors:   Guo-bi Li; Qing-Yuan YANG; Rongkai Pan; Sheng-Gui Liu
Journal:   CrystEngComm
DOI:   10.1039/C8CE00709H
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