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Sensitized Photon Upconversion in Anthracene-based Zirconium Metal Organic Frameworks

Sensitized upconversion is explored in three metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) constructed from the anthracene dicarboxylate (ADC) derivatives and zirconium nodes, 9,10-ADC (9,10-MOF), 2,6-ADC (2,6-MOF) and 1,4-ADC (1,4-MOF). Selective excitation of surface-bound Pd(II) mesoporphyrin IX (PdMP) gives rise to de

Authors:   Jennifer M Rowe; Jie Zhu; Erin M Soderstrom; Wenqian Xu; Andrey Yakovenko; Amanda J Morris
Journal:   Chemical Communication
DOI:   10.1039/C8CC01893F
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  • anthracene
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