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In-Situ Spectroscopic Studies for One-Pot Synthesis of Composition-Controlled Cu-Ni Nanowires with Enhanced Catalytic Activity

Here, an alcohol reduction method for preparing composition controlled Cu-Ni nanowires(NWs) in high yields is proposed through the selection of an appropriate combination of the metallic precursors, alcohol type and, surfactant. Also, the mechanism of NW formation was elucidated using morphological, structur

Authors:   Masanao Ishijima; Jhon Lehman Cuya Huaman; Shun Yokoyama; Kozo Shinoda; Masahito Uchikoshi; Hiroshi Miyamura; Balachandran Jeyadevan
Journal:   New Journal of Chemistry
DOI:   10.1039/C8NJ01641K
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