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Indolizine Quaternary Ammonium Salt Inhibitors: A reinvestigation of an Old Fashioned Strong Acid Corrosion Inhibitor Phenacyl Quinolinium Bromide and Its Indolizine Derivative

Phenacyl Quinolinium Bromide (PaQBr), an old-fashioned corrosion inhibitor in strong acid medium was reinvestigated and a new indolizine derivative (DiPaQBr) was synthesized from PaQBr. The DiPaQBr is classified as an indolizine quaternary ammonium salt. Based on High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS) and

Authors:   Yefei Wang; Zhen Yang; Fengtao Zhan; Zhifeng LYu; Chengyou Han; Xiaonuo Wang; Wuhua Chen; Mingchen Ding; Renzhuo Wang; Yingnan Jiang
Journal:   New Journal of Chemistry
DOI:   10.1039/C8NJ02505C
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