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Transfer of perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS), decabrominated diphenyl ether (BDE-209) and Dechlorane Plus (DP) from biosolid-amended soils to leachate and runoff water

Irene Navarro, Adrián de la Torre, Paloma Sanz, Miguel Ángel Porcel, Gregoria Carbonell, María de los Ángeles Martínez

Environmental context. The potential of pollutants to migrate from biosolids must be considered when assessing the environmental risk associated with the application of biosolids in agriculture. We conducted semi-field tests simulating natural conditions to determine the leaching and runoff capacity of emerging organic contaminants following fortification and application of municipal biosolids. We demonstrate the transfer of pollutants from biosolid-amended soil to leachate and runoff water generated by natural rainfall.

Authors:   ie=edge
Journal:   Environmental Chemistry
Year:   2018
DOI:   10.1071/EN18032
Publication date:   20-Jun-2018
Facts, background information, dossiers
  • water
  • pollutants
  • soils
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