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High-resolution {mu}CT of a mouse embryo using a compact laser-driven X-ray betatron source [Applied Physical Sciences]

High-resolution microcomputed tomography with benchtop X-ray sources requires long scan times because of the heat load limitation on the anode. We present an alternative, high-brightness plasma-based X-ray source that does not suffer from this restriction. A demonstration of tomography of a centimeter-scale complex organism achieves equivalent quality to a commercial scanner. We will soon be able to record such scans in minutes, rather than the hours required by conventional X-ray tubes.

Authors:   Jason M. Cole; Daniel R. Symes; Nelson C. Lopes; Jonathan C. Wood; Kristjan Poder; Saleh Alatabi; Stanley W. Botchway; Peta S. Foster; Sarah Gratton; Sara Johnson; Christos Kamperidis; Olena Kononenko; Michael De Lazzari; Charlotte A. J. Palmer; Dean Rusby; Jeremy Sanderson; Michael Sandholzer; Gianluca Sarri; Zsombor Szoke-Kovacs; Lydia Teboul; James M. Thompson; Jonathan R. Warwick; Henrik Westerberg; Mark A. Hill; Dominic P. Norris; Stuart P. D. Mangles; Zulfikar Najmudin
Journal:   Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue
Volume:   115
edition:   25
Year:   2018
Pages:   6335
DOI:   10.1073/pnas.1802314115
Publication date:   19-Jun-2018
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