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Room Temperature Carbon Monoxide Oxidation over Two-Dimensional Gold-Loaded Mesoporous Iron Oxide Nanoflakes

In this work, we fabricate a highly effective catalyst for carbon monoxide oxidation based on gold-loaded mesoporous maghemite nanoflakes which exhibit nearly 100% CO conversion and a very high specific activity of 8.41 molCO gAu‒1 h‒1 at room temperature. Such excellent catalytic activity is promoted by the

Authors:   Yusuf Kaneti; Shunsuke Tanaka; Yohei Jikihara; Tsuruo Nakayama; Yoshio Bando; M Haruta; Mohammad Shahriar Hossain; Dmitri Golberg; Yusuke Yamauchi
Journal:   Chemical Communication
DOI:   10.1039/C8CC03639J
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