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Synthesis of hydrophilic HYNIC-[1,2,4,5]tetrazine conjugates and their use in antibody pretargeting with 99mTc

Pretargeted imaging, based on the highly reactive process between [1,2,4,5]tetrazines with trans-cyclooctene (TCO), appears as an attractive strategy to overcome disadvantages associated with traditional radioimmunoconjugates. To be successful, the radiolabeled component should react in vivo with the conjuga

Authors:   María Fernanda García; Fabio Gallazzi; Mara de Souza Junqueira; Marcelo Fernández; Ximena Camacho; Janio da Silva Mororó; Daniele de Paula Faria; Camila de Godoi Carneiro; Marcos Couto; Federico Carrión; Otto Pritsch; Roger Chammas; Thomas P Quinn; Pablo Cabral; Hugo Cerecetto
Journal:   Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
DOI:   10.1039/C8OB01255E
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