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Silver nanoparticle embedded copper oxide as an efficient core–shell for the catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol and antibacterial activity improvement

A facile and eco-friendly method was developed to prepare a microporous CuO@Ag0 core–shell with high catalytic and antibacterial activities. Scanning and transmission electron microscopy revealed a preponderance of nearly spherical 50 nm particles with slight structure compaction. Comparison of the hysteresis loops

Authors:   N. Bouazizi; J. Vieillard; P. Thebault; F. Desriac; T. Clamens; R. Bargougui; N. Couvrat; O. Thoumire; N. Brun; G. Ladam; S. Morin; N. Mofaddel; O. Lesouhaitier; A. Azzouz; F. Le Derf
Journal:   Dalton Transactions
DOI:   10.1039/C8DT02154F
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